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Pastor of New Greater Friendship M.B. Church, Local Business Owner and Family Man.

As a father of four adult children and six grandchildren I understand how life can turn in unexpected directions and how hard it is to recover from past mistakes. Positive Spin extends a helping hand to encourage, strengthen and elevate families in sustaining positive outcomes. With a loving, dedicated and committed staff Positive Spin has and continues to be agents of change for good in the lives of many. It is an honor to be a part of this impactdul organization.


Founder, Positive Spin, Inc.

I support Positive Spin, Inc. because I know that it was divinely inspired. It is an evidence based practice with miraculous outcomes for families with horrific challenges!  I know that Positive Spin, Inc. is recognized by the families it serves as the best kept secret in the USA, and community partners know it to be committed to overall community success, dedicated to accurate budgeting and effective program oversight while consistently integrating positive support for employees.


Brand Stylist + Owner, D.TAMU

I support Positive Spin because every family deserves the best life possible. There is power in community and there’s a passion in this city unlike any I have ever seen. There are so many great organization serving underprivileged families, but Positive Spin is by far the only one I’ve seen that is truly committed to improving every part of our client’s lives – from the littlest baby to the oldest grandparent who may be involved. They are truly doing amazing work!


Educator, Hillsborough County

I am a teacher and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. I have always wanted to help the communities in which I live in become better and I am doing so by being a board member for positive spin. Positive Spin is a great organization that helps individuals and in part helps the community become a better place for all. I am blessed and honored to serve on a board with like minded people than want to improve their communities.


robert winters
Change Management Consultant

I support Positive Spin as a board member because I can relate to growing up in a community that was deprived of the same knowledge and resources as suburban neighborhoods. I am dedicated to helping underprivileged communities receive the information and resources needed to live more comfortable, healthier, and happier lives, and become empowered to pass down positive learned behaviors to the next generation.