Meet Chrystian de Jesus

Q. Tell me a little about yourself. Describe your background and how long you have worked for the agency.

My name is Chrystian de Jesus; born in New York City, New York. As a child, I lived in New York, Texas, The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico; this allowed me to learn some of the culture from each place. I am Dominican and Puerto Rican and I am proud to be bilingual- Fluent in English and Spanish. My favorite color is Blue. I love Reggaeton and Salsa. After obtaining my Sociology Major degree and Early Childhood Education Bachelors’ degree at Lehman College, I have participated in different organizations that have allowed me to gain knowledge and master my skills. As I master my skills, I am also contributing for the better of my clients who are in need of support.

Q. How do you help families?

I help families by listening to their stories and understanding their trauma. Families need someone that will not judge them and will question their current situation. However, I will promote optimism and will allow the family to have a second opportunity.  I help families by connecting them to the necessary service providers in order to overcome negative outcomes and obtain positive outcomes that will promote the family’s emotional, social and physical stability.

Q. Why do you do what you do?

I love helping families because I was instructed by my parents to help those who are in need. When I graduated from College, I learned about the different positions in Social Work and I understood that I wanted to be part of the success of many families in my community. It makes me happy when families on my caseload succeed because as their Case Manager, I am contributing for the future of the children who are also the future of society.

Q. Why should I care about what you do for families?

Case Managers provide a lot of support to families. It is important to point out that service providers in the community contribute towards the future of children who are currently in need, but will have a bright future tomorrow. As society, we all must work hard to make sure that our youth/families are properly raised and provided with the basic needs. Everyone in society should care about the future of others because society is like a body, each part is important and the body cannot function properly if one part is missing. When families are emotionally, socially and physically stable, there is peace and healthy relationships in the community.

Q. How has a family's life changed because of you?

Throughout my career in Social Work, I have assisted many families who have been referred for services and the list is endless. All families are special to me. However, there are experiences that marked my life. As a Case Planner in New York, I worked with a 13 year-old who physically and verbally abused his single mother on a daily basis. The police had been contacted several times because he physically harmed his mother several times. I referred the family for family therapy and medication adherence for the youth. The 13-year-old began to understand the consequences of his behaviors, apologized to his mother while in family therapy and the family healed the emotional wounds. He was then promoted to the next grade and the family was proud of him.