Meet Cornelia Weatherley

Q. Tell me a little about yourself. Describe your background and how long you have worked for the agency.

My name is Cornelia Weatherley, I have been working with children and their families for the past 14 years. My career background is in Juvenile Justice Services and Child Protective Services. I have been with Positive Spin for one year as a Case Manager.

Q. How do you help families?

I believe families may need a little help from time to time, be it financially or mentally. As a Case Manager for Positive Spin, I have been able to help families find and have provided resources to help maintain a stable household.

Q. Why do you do what you do?

Knowing that a parent or a caregiver is able to have a sigh of relief after receiving some type of assistance or just helping them with knowing where to start can’t be explained. 

Q. Why should I care about what you do for families?

I care because I know life happens and it can be a struggle to keep up and maintain everyday living. A little bit of help goes a long way. 

Q. How has a family's life changed because of you?

I have seen families become more productive, confident and more trusting.