Meet Javell Davis

Q. Tell me a little about yourself. Describe your background and how long you have worked for the agency.

Greetings my name is Javell Davis and I’m a new case manager here at Positive Spin. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. I attended and graduated from the illustrious Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Liberal Arts. I have worked as a teacher, leasing agent, a case manager for dependency and so many more exciting jobs. I have worked for Positive Spin for a little over a year and have found a passion for the families we serve here at Positive Spin.

Q. How do you help families?

My job here at Positive Spin is to provide in-home case management to all clients. I will connect you with resources that will help assist families with current needs to be back to stable. My job at Positive Spin is to prevent, intervene, and offer diversion in my client’s life for the better.

Q. Why do you do what you do?

The reason I continue case management is because I love being a voice for the people that are in need of assistance in life. Everyone needs someone but not everyone is blessed to have a strong foundation around them to give them that hope they are searching for. My job is to step in and give them that hope to push forward and to overcome.

Q. Why should I care about what you do for families?

The reason you should care what I do for families is simply because of my dedication to families. I care about the well being of the families I serve and my job is important to families because I’m usually that one strong support in my client’s life.

Q. How has a family's life changed because of you?

Throughout my time being a case manager, I have helped parents be reunified with their children after being taken away. I have assisted families with employment opportunities, housing assistance, childcare assistance and so much more. I have had families come up to me and burst into tears thanking me for helping elevate and repair their life.