Meet Mikeala Grant

Q. Tell me a little about yourself. Describe your background and how long you have worked for the agency.

I am Mikeala Grant and I am a Case Manager and Certified Life Coach/Biblical Life Coach. I have been at Positive Spin since 2017. I came from a Criminal Justice background and this was my first opportunity in case management.

Q. How do you help families?

I did not know anything pertaining to being a case manager and through trial and error, I am grateful to still be a part of the Positive Spin family. I help families by encouraging, motivating and pushing them mentally make better choices in life so they can have a brighter future.

Q. Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I have been on the other side of case management as a client and my experience was not the best. However, I overcame my situation
and I want my clients to know that if I can overcome brokenness and homelessness while being a single mother, they can too and I am willing to help them do so if they are willing to put in the work.

Q. Why should I care about what you do for families?

People should care about what I do because life is full of the unknown and one day you or someone you may know may need a program like Positive Spin to offer a hand up to get life back on track.

Q. How has a family's life changed because of you?

Many families’ lives have changed here at Positive Spin by preventing homelessness, providing clothing, employment leads, educational classes on how to budget, being connected to a lawyer, etc.