The Bryant Family

I am writing this letter in regards to the amazing support I have received from my Outreach Worker, Sheila Ramos. The past few months have been very difficult for my family. Upon reaching out to Positive Spin I felt as though I was out of options. Sheila assured me that I wasn’t, she was extremely patient with me and my sons.

Ms. Ramos went the extra mile by bringing Mr. Fred, the Senior Outreach Worker, to identify with my son, Nicholas. These sessions were extremely positive and encouraging to Nicholas, who is only 21 and a father of two. Nicholas greatly appreciated the extended conversations shared with Mr. Fred about becoming a responsible father and being prepared for his children’s future.

Nicholas and I enjoyed participating in the Financial Literacy Workshop. Creating a budget together was extremely important for both us. He was able to understand the unnecessary money that was spent on his daily wants, rather than the needs of his children. I won the bank and for two weeks when he asked me for money I put it in the bank instead of giving it to him. After those two weeks we had enough money to pay our utility bill. This was an amazing lesson because we both learned how a few dollars a day can either make or break the budget we have created.

Today we had our family meeting and although we were facing an evictions Ms. Ramos encouraged me to stay positive. In fact, Ms. Ramos attitude and demeanor were professional and ALWAYS POSITIVE. There were days that she wasn’t even scheduled to do a home visit she would come by and check on us. She truly went the extra mile and did everything possible to accommodate our situation. For example, my youngest son was always in school during her regular working hours. Ms. Ramos extended her day so that he didn’t have to miss school or his after school extracurricular activities.

After our family meeting I understand why this organization is POSITIVE SPIN. Everyone in attendance was extremely, kind, and concerned about rectifying our situation. I felt as though their concern was genuine; as if they were our extended family. I can’t thank Positive Spin enough for helping us get back on track and reassuring my children and I were not going to be homeless. I truly appreciate the assistance and would highly recommend Ms. Ramos and the entire Positive Spin staff to other families within the community.

Lisa N. Bryant

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