L.R. and the EACH One Inititaive

During a recent community event, L.R. had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Tape, a Case Manager at Positive Spin. Following their conversation and hearing L.R.’s story, Mrs. Tape recognized his potential and shared information on our program (The EACH One Initiative). 

L.R., a single father of three, joined the program with the intention of seeking assistance to enhance his employment prospects and access various resources to improve his parenting skills. Additionally, he expressed a desire to expand both his formal and informal support networks. L.R. has consistently exhibited qualities of diligence, resourcefulness, dedication to his children, and ambition.

Initially, L.R. hesitated to seek help due to his reserved nature. However, through a series of home visits, he gradually opened up to his Case Manager, sharing the challenges he faced as a single father responsible for three children. Throughout his participation in the program, L.R. received support in acquiring bunk beds for his children and was connected with our in-house employability specialist, resulting in securing full-time employment. With the guidance of his case manager, L.R. was able to continue benefiting from School Readiness assistance. Moreover, the Case Manager facilitated L.R.’s connection to the REACHUP Fatherhood program, enabling him to establish and strengthen both formal and informal support systems.

L.R. expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering support and guidance provided by his Case Manager. He acknowledges her instrumental role in propelling him forward, improving his circumstances, and fostering a more productive life for himself and his children.

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