father and daughter

Richardson Family

I’m so very blessed to have found the Positive Spin Program. I’m so very thankful for the help for over the past 6 months. I have been homeless and living out of my car.

I had to send my daughter to live with her grandmother, only getting to see her on the weekend. Long as she was good. I been okay living out my car due to I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone, so I would work and been trying to save to find us a place. Somewhere of our own!

It was so hard keeping a job when you are homeless, but God was with me. I went through so many slum lords taking my money for application fees to call me back the next day, to tell me they rented out the property, or the property was no longer available. But I kept searching and kept praying! Then I found a place and a landlord that was a blessing from God. But I didn’t have all the money he wanted to move in.

I told him about my current situation, and how I was a single dad trying to do the best for me and my daughter, and how I had been living out of my car. With the help of Positive Spin I was able to secure the property. The landlord even let me move in 2 weeks before lease move in date. Rent free, just to save me from sleeping in my car. I was able to move out storage unit, and get back my daughter with me. 

We are so very thankful for the resources for food and clothing. I pray God bless everyone who made it possible for the Positive Spin Program. I can’t wait to pay off my invetion so I can give back to the Positive Spin Program to help families like mines.

In Jesus name!! Amen!!

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