Segato Family

[sent from the email of Talita Segato]

Hello my name and Talita Segato, I would like to say how much I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and how essential Priscila’s help was, she is always ready to help with everything I needed! I managed to finish my course thanks to the financial assistance for my rent otherwise I would be homeless now and I wouldn’t be able to finish school, I’m single mom and alone here in the US so I couldn’t study and work at the same time, so thank you very much to Suncoast way for this opportunity, now I’m at one small step to get a good CNA job and offer my son a better future! I won’t stop here and God willing I want to go to nurse school next year, God is in charge of everything! Thanks so much again suncoast way, especially Prscilla and Kimb for all the help! May God bless us all!

With love
Talita Segato

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