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The Soto Family

Dear Ms. Ramos and everyone at the Positive Spin Agency that has assisted in my case:

I will like to begin this letter by saying how much I appreciate all of the encouragement I have received for my son and me. This organization has allowed me to experience what it is to be truly cared for. When I first became a client, things for me were very hard to deal with. You all have provided support thru classes and workshops that has inspired my future. I pray that many blessings continue to fall down on you as time goes. Words cannot explain my gratitude in the dedication of Ms. Ramos. She is very thorough with information. She has compassion while following protocol in all situations.

After the FTC, things went a bit haywire. I was so excited to have made it so far and then unfortunate events occur. It saddens me that I am unable to continue in the program. I am forced to relocate. I have already paid for our tickets and am making certain arrangements for the transition. 
I lost my job due to lack of babysitter on 12/11/2108
With the small income that I am currently receiving God will make a way.

I have shelter, free room and board for exchange of doing minor nanny duties, access to a vehicle, district elementary, Special education services, and a support group waiting for us in Detroit Michigan.

I was born and raised in Detroit. I am well aware of the assistance programs and eager to take advantage of this new opportunity offered to my son and me.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and generosity!!!

Ms. Tamika Soto

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