In Hillsborough County, over 72,000 families live below the poverty level. 35% of single mothers and 28% of single fathers live below the poverty level.  The average childcare costs $1,050/month for a family with two children.

Positive Spin’s mission is to engage, elevate, and strengthen families within their neighborhood by providing support and growth opportunities that lead to sustained positive outcomes. Program activities offer a path to increased family stability and self–sufficiency. We envision a community where all families will experience economical, educational, physical, emotional, and social success in a safe, nurturing, and diverse community.

We appreciate every level of giving. Here’s what your donation can do for our organization.

$1,500 Hope Partner | Your gift of $1,500 can provide 30 days of educational programming, such as tutoring to eight children.

$ 5,000 Impact Partner | Your gift of $5,000 can help expand our healthy eating program to support 25 families.

$10,000 Elevate Partner | Your gift of $10,000 can provide cover costs emergency food, clothing, and other critical resources for 100 families this holiday season and throughout the year.

$15,000 Engage Partner | Your gift of $15,000 provides skills and employment training to 50 individuals to provide a means of family stability and self-sufficiency.

$30,000 Positive Spin Partner | Your gift of $30,000 can help support the expansion of our housing support services (such as covering electric bills, rent, security deposits) for 100 individuals helping them get back on their feet this holiday season and throughout the year.

At Positive Spin, we focus our efforts in three specific areas: Education, Community, and Health. In these critical areas, we provide a myriad of services, including housing assistance, childcare support, family counseling, and job training and placement assistance. In addition, Positive Spin helps families with basic living needs – furniture, transportation, clothing, emergency food, and utility assistance. In the 2018- 2019 year, we served 372 children and 202 adults. 71% of the households we serve are single parent-led, and 83% have an income of $20,000 and under. Last year we achieved the following outcomes:

  • Improved overall family well-being = 96%
  • Increased formal and informal supports = 98%
  • Reduced stress = 98% (Pre and Post Test)
  • Increased Parent Skills (Financial Education) = 81%  (Pre and Post Test)
  • 96 toddlers received developmental screening support services (Ages & Stages Questionnaire – ASQ)
  • Increased in parents involved with their child’s education and/or school = 99% (Pre and Post Test)
  • Increased level of self-esteem in middle school students 93% (Pre and Post Test)